Send messages from Kontohub

Some of the most important things to make Kontolink work smoothly is the bank connection and the document source! As an accountant/bookkeeper, it is possible to send messages to your clients from Kontohub, if there's missing any documents or if the bank need to be reconnected. How to send a message…


Notes in Kontohub

In Kontohub it's possible to add notes on your clients.It can for example be used by an employee/colleague who has something that you should pay attention to on the specifik client. How to add a note Start by finding the company in Kontohub, that you want to create a note…


User roles in Kontolink

In Kontolink there are 3 different user roles.These can be used to provide different accesses of the needs of the individual user. The role is chosen by the person who invites the user. Read along this article to get all of the information about the different user roles.The 3 user…


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