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Keyboard shortcuts in Kontolink

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency – is what drives us in Kontolink.

That is why we have created keyboard shortcuts for you who uses Kontolink, so
you can optimize the process further. 

Shortcut menu in Kontolink

When you press the period (.) while you are in Kontolink or Kontohub, you get the opportunity to quickly go to different places in Kontolink.

You can scroll down the list using the arrow key, and mark your final choice with the “enter” button. 

Kontolinks keyboard shortcuts

Shift + G = Approve (Also to approval, if you want to continue without a document).

Shift + I = Ignore(Reconcile) transaction.

Shift + K = Choose category

Shift + N = Write a note

Shift +  = Previous transaction.

Shift + ↓ = Next transaction.

Shift + T = Change the transaction text.

Shift + H = Kontohub

Period (.) = Opens the shortcut menu.

Is there a particular shortcut you’re dreaming about?

Let us know! – Write to us at our chat, mail or call us on the phone: