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Document sources in Kontolink

Document sources in Kontolink refers to where your documents are placed. Kontolink automatically fetches documents based on the connected sources.

There are options for different document sources:

  • Kontomail    – Automatically created by Kontolink on signup.
  • E-mail          – Gmail, Microsoft mail or any other e-mail.
  • IMAP            – Select a folder from your email*. 
  • Dropbox      – Digital storage for documents.
  • Kontosnap  – Mobileapp for physical documents and receipts.

Read on to discover which document sources you should use. 

*IMAP folder requires to be a ‘root folder’ or a ‘main folder’.


Kontolink automatically creates a “Kontomail”, where you can forward you documents and online receipts to.


Kontomail makes sense for those who do not wish to give Kontolink access to your entire inbox.

Gmail or Microsoft

There are several advantages to linking a document e-mail to your Kontolink account:

  • All documents and invoices are stored in one place.
  • No documents are at risk of being overlooked among e-mails.
  • Adds a professional touch to your business operations. 


If you link a Gmail or Microsoft mail to Kontolink, everything in your inbox will be fetched automatically.

If Kontolink should only fetch documents from a specific folder, we recommend using IMAP (Read next section)

Other e-mail (IMAP)

We recommend to make use of IMAP for the following scenarios:


  • You have another e-mail provider than Gmail or Microsoft.
  • You wish to link an extra Gmail or Microsoft e-mail to your Kontolink account.
  • You only need Kontolink to fetch documents from a single folder in your inbox.


Are your documents stored online using Dropbox? You can easily connect Dropbox directly with Kontolink.



Once you have downloaded “Kontosnap” from the App Store or Google Play, you can quickly snap pictures of your receipts and watch them appear directly in Kontolink. 


Need help?

At Kontolink we are always ready to help with any inquiry, no matter how big or small. Feel free to write or call us 😊