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Kontohub overview

Kontohub (shift+h) gives the bookkeeper/accountant a comprehensive overview of companies created in Kontolink.

Read on, and you will be guided through all of the functions in Kontohub:

NOTE: Kontohub is only available with a bookkeeper/accountant package.

Create new company

In Kontohub you have the option to create a new company through the “Create new company” button in the top left.


Company column

The “Company” column provides an overview of all of the created companies under the admin agreement.


Last 30 days


The “Last 30 days” column shows the numbers of transactions in the bank for the past 30 days.


Ready for approval

The “Ready for approval” column shows how many transactions that are ready to be approved.



Missing documents

The “Missing documents” shows the number of transactions that haven’t been matched with a document yet.



Last login

The “Last login” column shows the last time someone was logged into the company.




The “Integrations” column shows which integrations are connected.



ERP system





The red warning triangles will be visible if there is a connection/setup error.





The “Users” column shows which users has access to the companies.

The red dot signals that the user hasn’t accepted the invitation yet.  




In the “Messages” column you can easily and quickly send a message to a client.

Messages can be sent to the customer’s email, Kontosnap or SMS.



In the “Note” column, you can write a note to yourself (or others).

The note text can also be searched in the Kontohub search field. 



In the “More” column you have 2 functions:

  • You can export transactions
  • You can make a balance check


Search field

In the “Search field”, it’s possible to search for company names or text from the note field.


Do you want Kontohub?

Write, call or book us to an online introduction 😊