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Automatic generated document for interest and fees

With Kontolink, you get your very own generated document
for your interest and fees.
There are serveral reasons why this is smart. – Read along this article to find out more about your interest and fee documents in Kontolink.

No more interest and fees on your missing document list

With interest and fees removed from your missing document list, you always have a complet overview of which documents you are missing.
Your interest and fees will end up in “Ready for approval”, and you can therefore quickly get them transferred to your accounting system, and off your to-do list.

Document based on the chosen category

Your document is automatically generated based on the matching category in Kontolink. The document and transaction will therefore match, and at the same time provide an updated overview in both Kontolink and in the daybook. 

Do you need help?

We’re always happy to help, so feel free to contact us on our chat, mail or phone 😊